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Expert Tips on Choosing Snorkel Mask.

If you love snorkeling, you should know that the kind of mask you choose will determine whether you will be spending more time fiddling with it or enjoying the sport. This is why it is critical to buy something that is not going to be stressful for you. The first question you should ask yourself is whether your mask does fit well. The mask has a rubber part that acts as a seal between your face and the water to make sure that there are no leaks. You will be looking into easy fatigue, fogging and leaking if this is not the case. Leaks will demand that you keep stopping to empty the water out. With fogging, your visibility will be reduced and it is not a good thing.

Silicone masks are much better and if you want to find one that is going to serve you well for years, you need to find a silicone one. When you have a rubber mask, expect brittle and cracking as it ages and these are occurrences you cannot live with. Do not pick a mask that does not have a wide skirt. Besides making sure that you are comfortable, the wide surface area makes sure that the seal is tight.

As much as you need a snug fitting mask with a wide skirt, you also need to see what is happening in your periphery. This is not the case if your mask is too wide to the extent that it even takes part of your eyes. It is good to test your peripheral vision with the mask on before making a decision to get it. While some masks give you tunnel vision, some will make you feel like you are looking at things through a picture window and this is not something you need. You will be better of when you have a wide angle view. There is no mask that does not have the possibility of fog formation but you can get one that has a low fog. It is something worth noting when you are buying your snorkel mask.

When you are submerged, you will not be able to see as clearly as you would if you were on the ground which is why you need a mask which comes with vision enhancing coatings. It does not mean you will have the ability to see when there is total darkness but the lens will remove glare from the images making them more clear and crisper and this is also enhanced by the fact that you will have some wavelengths removed from the light which is a good thing.

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