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News For This Month: Religion

Reasons Why You Should Have Regular Family Devotions

Sharing the word of God as a family is an important way of increasing your knowledge for God. The word of God is like food to Christianity, and if you want to know Him more and you find it challenging to read the bible on your own then you should consider reading it with the members of your family. Family prayer can act as a unifying factor towards the members if in case there is a problem in the family. Knowing the word of God teaches the family members to discern good and bad spirits.

The gift of discerning helps children to be at per with the word of God this helps them to tell whenever teaching concerning God is good or bad. Family prayers is a guide that puts the small children on toes to remain in their salvation. Family devotions promote love and caring for the family. A family that fellowships together understands each other perfectly well.

A family that fellowships the members know how to pray even up to the smallest member of the family. Praying in the family creates confident among the children to be able to pray in loud tones in public. When a child knows how to pray well, even when they told to pray in public they come out willingly because they are sure of themselves. The fellowship of the family makes them be in close relation with God their creator.

A child that comes from a praying home will always have a different character that is admirable. They will want to share the word and love of Christ to others. Such families always have kindness to be people around them like their neighbors. Family devotions help family to talk to God. Even though every person must get challenges in life, these families always know how to go by there problems and just come out fine.

The word of God brings encouragement to the souls of those people who are low in spirit. Memorization is improved, when reading the bible is done daily it is easy for the children not to forget easily. By hearing the word of the Lord the faith of family members is boosted. When children know God at a tender age it helps them as they grow, their behavior becomes good as they grow into adults. The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom, children who fear God, they always are the best in their schools regarding performance. Family devotions help family members to be obedient with the word of God. They are always filled with God’s blessings and love.

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