Thursday, 19/4/2018 | 11:20 UTC+0

Affordable Alternative to Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance was a standard employee benefit for most people until a decade or so ago. The expense became too much for employers in much the same way medical insurance costs also became cost-prohibitive. Some employers offer group plans to employees at their own expense. Although low-cost insurance is better than zero insurance, co-pays, restrictions, and the need to get pre-approval for many common procedures is often more of a hassle than it is worth.

Another Way

Membership in dental plans is cost-effective, eliminates the hassle of paperwork, and can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs. There are over thirty plans available for different carriers. Plans are not insurance, and that is important to keep in mind. They work differently and do require members utilize dentists who are in the network.

How It Works

Individuals, families, or businesses pick a plan and pay an annual membership fee. That fee allows access to a nationwide network of dentists who agree to offer discounts to members. It is that simple. Go to a network dentist, present the membership card, and save ten to sixty percent off the cost of that visit.

There is no paperwork, no waiting for reimbursement, and no pre-approval necessary. As long as the dentist participates in the network, savings will apply to every visit. There are no annual limits to the savings and no health restrictions. Always remember there are no savings offered if the dentist is out of the network.

What to Know

The annual membership fee is due in one payment. Plan costs will vary depending on the coverage selected, but most are less than the cost of one regular dental appointment. Plenty of notice is given to members before the renewal date arrives. Individuals seeking their own personal plan must be at least eighteen years of age to become a member. Minors are included in family plans.

Plans can be selected by desired procedures, location, or savings level. The flexibility accommodates a wide range of needs and budgets. Changes to desires or needs can be reflected in a different plan at the time of renewal. Those interested can read more about this on the website.