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Selecting And Caring For A Waist Shaper

If an individual has gained excessive weight over the last few years and is unhappy with the fact that clothing isn’t fitting properly, they can begin to tone their body and lose weight around their midsection with a waist shaper. The tips below will assist with selecting a waist shaper, putting it on, and caring for it.

Choose Fabric That Is Stretchy And Lightweight

A waist shaper that is constructed of cotton and elastic will help an individual remain comfortable while they are walking, exercising or resting. If someone is thinking Do waist shapers really work they can read reviews that consumers provided. Waist shapers will compress flabby skin and support muscles, providing a wearer with a toned physique.

Secure A Shaper Before Putting On Clothing

Before purchasing a waist shaper, an individual should try several shapers on so that they can determine which one is the most comfortable. A shaper may have an adjustable strap attached to it. A strap should be loosened or tightened until stretchy fabric feels snug around an individual’s midsection.

A waist shaper needs to be put on and secured before getting dressed. A shaper can be worn for short or long lengths of time and will not be detectable under clothing. A waist shaper can be removed by loosening a strap. Stretchy fabric should be laid flat inside of a drawer so that cotton does not become damaged.

Launder And Dry Fabric

Before laundering a waist shaper, instructions that came with a purchase should be followed. A garment can be placed inside of a washing machine before adding mild detergent to the machine. A shaper should not be laundered with other garments and a washer’s agitation setting should be set to a low one.

After removing a shaper from a washing machine, fabric can be draped over a clothesline or rack. A dryer should not be used to dry a shaper because fabric may tear or stretch. After exercising and wearing a shaper on a daily basis, an individual may notice that their favorite clothing fits better than it used to and that body parts have a toned, leaner appearance.