All of us live busy and stressful lives nowadays. In the midst of this busy schedule, sometimes it becomes necessary to take small break to pamper ourselves. If a vacation or weekend getaway is not possible for you, the least and yet the best option is to visit a spa and indulge in some relaxing activities. Right from getting a simple facial to a full body massage and spending an hour in the steam room, everything offered by a spa is relaxing.

Now, if you are regular at spa, and even have a favorite aesthetician, you must be thinking that you know everything about spas and their treatment by now. However, this isn’t completely possible. There are many secrets about spas and their treatment, which are usually unknown to people. Here we have mentioned a few of those secrets. So, keep on reading to know everything there is about spas and treatments offered there…

5 Things you don’t know about spas and their treatment: 

  • There is a particular order of getting spa treatment: Usually, people don’t know this, but one must follow a sequence starting from body, face, feet and ending on hands. So, next time you are at a spa, firstly go for a steam or sauna, then a bath treatment followed by scrub, then get a massage and end with a facial. Most of the reputed spas like will recommend this schedule.
  • There is actually a perfect time slot to visit the spa: It is recommended that you visit spas either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in afternoon. This is the time slot when aestheticians are free and you can expect better services.
  • Arriving early will prove to be helpful: When you show up early, you have enough time before your first treatment to relax and unwind a little. On the contrary, if you are visiting right on time or a bit late, you will be simply rushing through the services and not getting relaxed at all.

  • Many spas offer samplers: This means you can try out different treatment to know which works the best for you for a discounted price. The spa will offer you a mini treatment, like a short massage, and you pay a lot less for it compared to what is charged for a full treatment.
  • Group discounts are possible: If you are planning to go with your girls, you can negotiate and get a good deal. However, for this, it is recommended that you make a booking in advance.

Well, so here are top 5 things you probably did not know about spas. However, since now you do, use this info and make most out of your next spa visit.

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