When you decide to visit a new country half way around the world, getting to embrace and experience their culture is all part of the adventure, and their cuisine will play a huge role in that regard. While many tourists absolutely love getting to taste real Thai food for the first time, families with young children can find themselves wondering not only what they can get their kids to eat, but whether or not they’ll have a reaction to any of the unfamiliar ingredients.

However, when your child ends up having an allergic reaction to food, there are certain warning signs that will show up which will give you the time you need to address the problem before it turns into something serious. Here are the main symptoms of an allergic reaction that all families should be aware of before they leave.

Itchy Rash

Is your child suddenly scratching at their cheeks or chest out of nowhere? Are they complaining of feeling incredibly itchy all over? Have you started to notice a rash forming all along their upper body and even their legs? This is a clear sign of a serious allergic reaction. This happens when there is a chemical reaction in your body which then releases histamines to combat whatever it thinks is attacking it. While the rash itself is not particularly dangerous to your child’s health, it could be an early warning sign of a bigger issue and so getting your child to a local hospital as quickly as possible will be the best decision.

Vomiting and Abdominal Pain

If your child is suddenly throwing up out of nowhere and complaining that their tummy is upset, it might be more than a bad stomach ache. In fact, this is one of the many allergic reaction to Thai food symptoms that parents should watch out for, as it could quickly escalate into a much larger problem. Make sure you record all the food your child has eaten over their stay so that the doctors are completely aware of what they should be looking for and where the issue may have started.

Anaphylactic Shock

Shock and anaphylaxis is a much stronger and serious reaction to food than any other symptoms you might recognize and this could even become a life-threatening situation if not addressed immediately. This happens when your body over responds to the food you’re allergic to, releasing chemicals all over your body to combat the threat. What will normally happen as a result will be an immediate lowering of blood pressure, as well as difficulty breathing. Your child may also feel incredibly nauseous and could even begin vomiting, and so you’ll need to keep a close eye on them. Getting them to a hospital as quickly as possible will need to be your main concern at this point, as you don’t want to risk things escalating any further than they already have.

When it comes to visiting a foreign country, of course, you want to have as many new and exciting experiences as you can. Just make sure you’re fully aware of these symptoms so that you can protect your family in the case of an allergic reaction the moment it starts.

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